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Shammah Ministries provides discipleship and prayer counseling services to encourage individuals to find the sufficiency of Jesus Christ to bring healing and wholeness in their lives. 
The counseling available is not by a medical professional, psychologist or a psychiatrist. An ordained minister or trained layperson is available to discuss personal needs and offer prayer ministry and direction from the Word of God. The goal of such prayer counseling is to assist individuals in discovering the truth found in Jesus Christ, enabling them to experience the abundant life that He promises. Out of that abundant life comes the freedom to worship and glorify God. 
"Cast all your cares upon Him, because He cares for you." 1 Peter 5:7
Payment for Prayer Counseling sessions is determined on a sliding scale.
Base Payment is $25.00. Payment scale is as follows:
Use your earned income from last year as a guide to determine your hourly rate.
Earning last year = $25,000
60 min.session = $25 
Earning last year = $35,000 
60 min.session = $35 
Earning last year = $48,000 
60 min.session = $48 
Appointments are 1 hour in length. Some will be longer due to the needs of the client. This will be discussed with you by your counselor.
*If you cannot meet the base payment of $25 you may qualify for the Client Assistance Program (CAP). Ask if you have any questions
We take cash or checks. Checks will be made payable to: Shammah or Shammah Inc.
You can contact us by calling our office at (304) 599-2382 or you can e-mail us at